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"Zippo Freemasonry", Zippo USA, 1980

"Zippo Freemasonry", Zippo USA, 1980

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The Zippo "Freemasonry", produced in the United States in 1980, is a lighter that embodies the history and symbols of Freemasonry. Made of steel with a chrome finish, this Zippo weighs 90 grams and has dimensions of 35 x 50 x 15 mm. Its design, which features the iconic symbols of Freemasonry, makes it an object of great interest for collectors and enthusiasts of Masonic history and traditions. In "very good" condition, this Zippo is not only a functional lighter but also a piece of history. Its robustness and construction quality, typical of Zippo products, make it a desirable object for those looking for a unique piece that combines functionality and historical significance. An ideal piece for those who appreciate objects that tell stories and for those fascinated by the symbolism and history of Freemasonry.

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