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"Zippo Indian Native", Zippo USA, 1980

"Zippo Indian Native", Zippo USA, 1980

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The Zippo "Indian Native", produced in the United States in 1980, is a collectible lighter that captures the essence of Native American culture. Made of steel and plastic, this Zippo weighs 52 grams and measures 55 x 75 x 25 mm. Its multicolored design, which features motifs and symbols inspired by the traditions of the Native American Indians, makes it a unique piece of great cultural interest. In "very good" condition and with its original packaging, this Zippo is not only a functional object but also a historical and cultural testimony. Its light weight and signature Zippo build quality make it a desirable piece for lighter collectors and those with an interest in Native American culture and art. An object that combines functionality, history and art in a small but significant piece of American design.

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