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Ivory horn sailing ship

Ivory horn sailing ship

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The Horn Sailing Ship, weighing 1350 grams and measuring 480 x 100 x 500 mm, is an exquisite exemplification of the craftsmanship and mastery of horn craftsmanship. The choice of ivory as the main material, combined with beige and black details, gives this sculpture an elegant and refined appearance, evoking the golden age of sailing.

This sculpture of a sailing ship is not only a decorative object, but also a symbol of adventure and discovery. Every detail is carefully designed, from the sails to the rudder, reflecting the craftsman's mastery and his dedication to capturing the essence of a historic sailing ship.

The Horned Sailing Ship is ideal for lovers of the sea, maritime history and for those who appreciate quality art and craftsmanship. Its presence in a home, office or exhibition hall adds a touch of elegance and a sense of history. It's an eye-catching and conversation-provoking piece, perfect for those who want a decorative item that is both a work of art and a piece of history.

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