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Deer sculpture in bronze on marble, Moreau

Deer sculpture in bronze on marble, Moreau

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The bronze sculpture depicting a deer, the work of the French artist Moreau, is an example of rare beauty and artistic finesse. Mounted on a black marble base, the contrast between the dark patina of the bronze and the shine of the marble enhances the elegant and dynamic figure of the animal, a symbol of nobility and freedom in nature. This piece weighs 2300 grams and measures 180 x 160 x 260 mm, dimensions that allow you to appreciate the detailed workmanship and liveliness expressed by the deer's posture. In "Very Good" condition, the sculpture is a tribute to French sculptural mastery and a work that captures the wild spirit and grace of one of the most admired woodland animals of Europe. A prestigious addition to any art collection, bringing with it the elegance and charm of wildlife.

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