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FD1102 Brionvega cable radio receiver

FD1102 Brionvega cable radio receiver

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We present the FD1102 by Brionvega, a masterpiece of Italian industrial design that has marked history. Created by the visionary mind of Marco Zanuso and Richard Sapper and launched in 1965, this radio phonograph is a symbol of the innovation and elegance of the 1960s. With its compact dimensions, 23 cm high, 61 cm wide and 23 cm deep, the FD1102 has been designed to integrate harmoniously into any home environment, offering a touch of unmistakable style.

The FD1102 is not just a device, it is a piece of design history, recognized internationally for its cultural and aesthetic importance, so much so that it is included in the prestigious collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Its direct link to MoMA, here , testifies to the importance of this object not only as a functional device but as an icon of modern design.

This model represents an era when form followed function, yet it did so with a grace and beauty that transcends its time. The FD1102 is a tribute to the creativity of Zanuso and Sapper, who were able to combine technology and design in an era of great cultural ferment.

Buying an FD1102 doesn't just mean owning a piece of technology, it means embracing a philosophy, that of an era that laid the foundations for contemporary design. It is an invitation to own a fragment of history, a dialogue between past and present that continues to inspire and amaze.

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