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Radio Brionvega ts505, Sapper and Zanusso

Radio Brionvega ts505, Sapper and Zanusso

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The Brionvega Radio ts505, designed by industrial design masters Richard Sapper and Marco Zanuso in 1976, is a true jewel of modern design. This model, with its cream-colored plastic shell and metal details, weighs 1560 grams and measures 220 x 120 x 150 mm, offering a timeless aesthetic that fits into any contemporary setting. The ts505 is not only a design object but also a functional device, as demonstrated by its "Good" condition, ready to fill the room with the sound quality expected from a brand like Brionvega. This radio is a collector's item that speaks not only to design lovers but also to those who appreciate history and technological innovation.

The Brionvega Radio ts505 is also present in the Moma catalog at this link:

MoMA: Portable Radio (model TS 505) by Marco Zanuso, Richard Sapper. 1976

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