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"Ashtray P76 x3", Mebel, 1970

"Ashtray P76 x3", Mebel, 1970

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Mebel's P76 Ashtrays, produced in Italy in 1970, are a trio of pieces that embody the style and design of the era. Each ashtray, made of brown plastic, weighs 270 grams and has dimensions of Ø 140 x h 45 mm. Their round design and brown shade make them objects of great charm, perfect for an environment that enhances the vintage style and Italian design of the 70s. These ashtrays are not only functional, but also design pieces that reflect the aesthetics and creativity of that period. In excellent condition, the set of three P76s is ideal for collectors of designer objects and those looking to add a touch of historic elegance to their space. Their simplicity and refinement make them suitable for any context, both as everyday objects and as decorative elements.

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