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Nokia 7280 "Lipstick"

Nokia 7280 "Lipstick"

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The Nokia 7280, affectionately nicknamed "Lipstick" for its unique and compact design, is a phone that marked an era. Launched in 2004, this device weighs just 84 grams and measures 115 x 32 x 19 mm, embodying Finland's innovative design philosophy. With its elongated shape and absence of a traditional keyboard, the 7280 defied convention, becoming a style icon and a forerunner in the age of technological fashion. In addition to its distinctive appearance, the "Lipstick" is equipped with features such as VGA camera, Bluetooth and radio, proving that functionality does not have to be sacrificed for aesthetics. In "Good" condition, this piece represents not only a return to the dawn of modern mobile telephony but is also a style statement for lovers of vintage and design.

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