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Table lamp with clamp "Targetti Sankey", 1970

Table lamp with clamp "Targetti Sankey", 1970

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The Targetti Sankey articulated clamp table lamp, produced in Italy in 1970, is an example of functional and versatile design of the period. Made of aluminum and plastic, with black and chrome finishes, this lamp weighs 350 grams and has dimensions of 70 x 80 x 700 mm. Its articulated design and practical clamp make it perfect for a variety of uses, from a work lamp to a decorative element.

The minimalist and modern design, typical of the 70s, easily adapts to different furnishing styles, from the most classic to contemporary ones. The combination of black and chrome adds a touch of elegance and refinement, making this lamp a design piece that does not go unnoticed.

This table lamp is ideal for those looking for a functional object that is also aesthetically pleasing. Its flexibility and construction quality make it a desirable piece for lovers of Italian design and for those who appreciate objects that combine practicality and beauty. A perfect piece to add a touch of style and functionality to any environment.

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