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Antelope horns on wooden base

Antelope horns on wooden base

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The Antelope Horns on a wooden base, brown in color and weighing 2500 grams, measure 200 x 150 x 1050 mm. This piece combines the majesty of antelope horns with the elegance of a wooden base, creating a decoration object that is both natural and refined.

The wooden base, with its warm color and smooth finish, offers a stable and aesthetically pleasing support, which enhances the slender shape and elegant lines of the antlers. The brown color of the antlers blends harmoniously with the base, creating a cohesive and attractive whole.

This piece is ideal for those who want to add a wild yet elegant element to their decor. The Antelope Horns on a wooden base are perfect for environments that seek to combine natural elements with a sophisticated design, offering a touch of rustic elegance and a reference to the beauty of the animal world

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