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Original watercolor "Cigar Smoker", Thein Han

Original watercolor "Cigar Smoker", Thein Han

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The original watercolor "Cigar Smoker" by Thein Han, a prominent post-war Burmese artist, is a work that captures the essence of Burma in 1953. This piece, weighing 350 grams and framed in its dimensions of 200 x 40 x 250mm, is a vivid example of Han's mastery of portraying figures and scenes from everyday life with intensity and warmth. In "Very Good" condition and still in its original frame, this work offers not only a fascinating image but also a piece of Burmese artistic history. It is a valuable addition to any art collection, offering an intimate look into the culture and art of a bygone era.

For more information on the artist Thein Han and the historical context of his works, you can visit the following links:

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