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Small wooden abacus

Small wooden abacus

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Abacus, made of wood and weighing 700 grams, measures 320 x 35 x 220 mm. This instrument, more compact than the larger version, maintains all the characteristics of a classic abacus, combining functionality and traditional design.

Wood, chosen for its durability and natural beauty, gives the abacus a warm and welcoming appearance. Its small size makes it ideal for educational use, especially for children, or as a decorative object in smaller spaces.

This small abacus is perfect for anyone who appreciates traditional educational tools and crafts. It can be used as an aid in teaching the basics of numeracy and mathematics, or simply as a decorative item that adds a touch of history and culture to any setting. Its presence in a home, an office or a school classroom offers a combination of aesthetics and functionality, making it a versatile and fascinating object.

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