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Large abacus

Large abacus

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Large Abacus, made of wood and weighing 1300 grams, measures 400 x 50 x 260 mm. This traditional tool, used for centuries in various cultures for calculation, is not only a functional object but also a piece of history and craftsmanship.

Wood, a warm and natural material, gives the abacus a classic and timeless appearance. Its generous dimensions make it an evocative furnishing object and a conversation piece, as well as a practical tool for teaching the basics of calculus and mathematics.

This abacus is ideal for those who appreciate historical objects and traditional craftsmanship. It can be used as an educational tool, a decorative element in a home or office, or as part of a collection of antique or ethnographic objects. Its presence in a space adds a touch of elegance and a sense of history, making it perfect for object lovers with a rich cultural background.

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